A very common question that pops up when you are trying to buy SoundCloud Plays is whether or not they are protected by copyright. The short answer to this is “Yes”. As long as you purchase the license right, that is what matters. SoundCloud does not own any of your music – it licenses those rights from the masters instead. Furthermore, a user can have multiple licenses so that if he receives a single license violation he can apply for a new license and keep playing that music with his subscriptions. Click Here brsm.io/buy-soundcloud-plays/

The Premium Tips and Tricks for Music Promotion on SoundCloud

Many people wonderif there are any issues with using a service like SoundCloud to buy plays, how do they figure out whether or not they can legally send us their music? Simply put, when you see an offer for a SoundCloud download, it’s a complete legal sale and as long as you don’t send us anything illegal, we’ll take it. In addition, you should be aware that most music licenses don’t allow music downloads, including those that might be allowed by SoundCloud. Our list of “no-buy” music services includes: Sony Music Store, Universal Music Control, XM Music, Concordance, iPods, Deezer, iLove All Music, iTune Music, Yahoo! Music, Rhapsody and many more.


It’s important for you to understand that you can’t “rent” music through SoundCloud. Simply put, they don’t provide a place where you can find and purchase plays from. However, if you really want to send us your subscription because you know you will enjoy them and want to support the artists you love, we suggest you purchase some SoundCloud plays instead. We also recommend that you purchase a subscription to an online DJ service like Headroom or Servers because you can use their tracks to build your own mixes. This allows you to sell copies of your own tracks as well as those of your favorite artists on the popular site.

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