Konica Minolta Accura Pro Digital Camera Review

This review concentrates ftg.com.au accuriopress-c14000 on the Konica Minolta Accurio digital camera. It is one of the best compact sized digital cameras available today and comes in many models and brands. The review also discusses whether this camera is worth the money it costs and which problems it has that might prevent it from being considered as a top of the range digital camera. The review concludes by detailing some of the great features of this camera and comparing it with some other brands including the Panasonic Lumix and Sony Ericsson.


This review starts off with a brief introduction of the company and gives some background information on them. Then it goes onto the uses of the camera and gives some great pictures to compare it with the competition including the Nikon Coolpix and Canon Coolpix. It then goes on to describe how the camera operates and gives some good information on the manual settings, user interface and the image quality. The pictures provide evidence that the camera is a quality digital camera and although there are some downsides such as low resolution and poor picture quality it does provide some great results.


This review focuses on the AccuraPro X8100i as the camera in this review is powered by the same motor which powers the other Minolta cameras. The review concludes by detailing some of the other highlights and providing evidence that this is a great camera to buy. The camera has a huge base of support on the internet and is easily available for purchase direct from the company’s own site or from any major electronics retailer. The review also concludes with a final word on the picture quality and conclusion.

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