A general small skip bin guide is given below, which helps you to estimate the dimensions and capacity of every skip bin offered commercially. This is only an indicative example, so the actual shape of your skip bin sent will vary greatly depending on your provider. Note: a cubic meter is 100 cm x 100 cm, with one cubic meter being roughly equivalent to 200 litres. Please refer to the SOPs for further details.

Get Rid Of Small Skip Bin Guide For Good

small skip bin

An industry typical small skip bin is approximately four square metres in size, and can hold general waste such as plastic carrier bags, glass cleaner and paper bags. If you are using this for the first time, make sure that you understand the exact measurements that you require, to ensure you get a sufficient amount of waste for your local area. Your chosen skips service will provide all the information you need on the type of waste you can store, as well as any other special requirements that you may require. It is very important to remember that the number of skips you need, depends entirely upon how much waste you currently produce.

For companies that are completely new to skip bins, it can be surprisingly easy to find the right bins, provided you choose the right supplier and the right size. The SOPs for waste storage provide companies with an instant right bin, and this makes finding what you need quite simple. As soon as you have found the right bins, you will then be able to arrange for them to be delivered, and once you have filled them, you simply make a short note as to when you would like them to be removed, and then return them to the company of your choice. The entire process usually takes around two weeks.

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