A vet, also referred to as a veterinary doctor or veterinary surgeon, is an animal practitioner who practices animal medicine, particularly treating illnesses, diseases, and accidents in non-human beings. A vet can specialize in one or more areas of animal practice, such as diagnosing and treating animals with physical problems, preparing and feeding animals, managing animals during veterinary exams and surgery, and assisting veterinarians in their work. Some vets are involved only in routine visits and routine operations, while others have a much broader scope of work covering a number of different animals and diseases. Some vets also specialize in one particular illness or disease, while others may be board certified in many different areas of veterinary medicine.


Veterinary Assistants

The responsibilities of a vet extend beyond simply administering treatment to animals, although this is a crucial part of the veterinary practice. The vet must be highly educated and responsible, being able to work with other doctors and specialists in the field and being able to perform routine tasks such as taking vital signs of animals and administering medication if needed. Animal owners can place their animals in a vet’s care for any number of reasons, from a simple spaying or neutering to recovering from a disease or injury. In these cases, the vet is called upon to administer shots and medications as well as work with the owner and other caretakers to ensure that the animals are healthy and recover fully.

A variety of additional jobs exist for veterinary assistants, including dog walkers, groomers, pet sitting and other assistance services. Many vet assistants receive additional education after completing their veterinary school, often working toward degrees that allow them to specialize in specific fields of medicine. Others still find employment as office staff, providing a service in a clinic or vet’s office as well as caring for the pets of patients who are not paying patients per session. Pets can provide tremendous joy and relief to humans and can add immeasurable joy to a family’s life, so the veterinary industry is very stable and profitable, and provides many job opportunities for those interested in this field.

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