Solvent degreaser is used in order to clean up an area that is heavily used for welding or soldering. Solvent degreaser comes in two forms namely soluble and insoluble. Soluble degreaser is used to make a certain material to a state where it will be ready for further processes. In most cases it uses common solvents, chlorine, alcohol or petroleum based solvents in order to decrease the machining liquids and other contaminants which may be present on the object to be repaired. Insoluble degreaser however is used in order to create a material which will not be affected by the previously applied cleaning agent.

Degreaser – What you want to know?

Solvent degreaser is often used as a degreaser for metals and steel, particularly when cutting or forming metal parts. A good example of this would be when cutting a hole in a piece of metal and applying oil, silicone or another kind of lubricant to it in order to form a seal. Without the presence of a degreaser, this would leave a lot of oil, grease or grime on the surface, which will eventually affect the working of the part, making it difficult to form the required seals. Another typical use of degreaser is when creating parts which are very dirty and need to be stripped down to their bare metal. The cleaning agent used in this case can act as a solvent cleaner to remove the dirt from the surface and at the same time make the part easier to form.

To apply degreaser to a specific area, a pair of cotton gloves, safety glasses or a mask must be worn. As this chemical can be quite harmful if inhaled, it is usually contained in aerosol sprays which can be used with appropriate precautions. A blow-dryer can also be used on an area that needs to be degreased but one must not blow into a compressed air cylinder because of the risk of the contained gasses being blown into the air. By using these precautions and following proper safety procedures when using any type of industrial cleaner, one can avoid any potential harm to oneself or others.

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