What is NBN 1000? FTG NBN 1000 is the world’s first fibre optic network. Unlike other ISP networks that are primarily used for business-grade services, such as dial up, broadband and cable television, this network is designed for residential use. The purpose of this type of internet access is to provide super-fast internet access through optical fibre technology, which means that you will get faster internet connections than what you would get from other broadband connections.

How Ready Made FTTN Bundles Can Save You Money

There are three major internet service providers who offer this kind of connection types: Sky broadband, Optus broadband, and iiNet. What makes NBN 1000 different is that it is not available from all three providers. You must sign up with one of the major providers before you can take advantage of the fastest speed available with this kind of connection types. By signing up with one of the major ISPs you can save a lot of time finding the fastest speed available because these ISPs have calculated the maximum download speed needed for different areas around the country.

Once you have signed up you will be sent an installer to your house to set up the required wiring and also to do some final testing. Once the testing is done, the installer will call you back to tell you which plan is best for you. With the 1000 megabit plan you get the fastest speeds available for residential customers and this plan also gives you unlimited data transfer. The installation of this system is quite simple, so there is no need for a professional to come out and do it. If you were looking for the fastest speeds available for residential customers then you should consider this kind of internet connection.

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