childcare centre wellington

Choosing the right childcare centre Wellington, New Zealand is not easy. Many parents start their search with the most obvious places – schools, daycares, and churches. However, it is widely recognised that finding a childminder, teacher, or office for your child is more complicated than you might at first think. There are a number of criteria that all childcare centres should meet, and only a few meet very comprehensively. Here’s a look at what you should look for when choosing a centre:


Size: A good Wellington centre will be large enough to accommodate both children and parents, and have enough space to grow as your family needs it. If you plan on relocating your child later on, this is especially important. Check out how spacious the various centres are in relation to the numbers of children they have, so you don’t end up having to bring them home again! Most centres have about twenty children or so, though some can house up to thirty or more.


Contact: Contacting a childcare centre in Wellington is not the same as contacting any other centre. You will need to find out how to get in touch with the centre, whether you can talk to one of their directors directly, or if they have a dedicated enquiry line. It is always a good idea to check the facilities of a century before bringing your child there, so be sure to check on their hours, whether they open at specific times, and whether or not the place is clean. If your child has special needs, make sure you check that they are met.

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